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Precision Inclineable Rotary Table

This series tilting rotary tables are one of main accessories for milling, boring an drilling machines. The can be used for maching, the oblique hole or surface and hole of compound angle at one set-up. Besides this, it is so designed as to be used in a vertical position to carry out center work with a tailstock.
This table can be tilted to any position from 0 degree to 90 degree and locked.
A flange for connecting scroll chuck is special supplied, and be packed independent. For special order, the dividing plates accessory allows the operator to accurately divide the 360 degree rotation of the clamping surface in to divisions of 2 through 66, and all divisible of 2, 3 and 5 from 67-132.

Precision Inclineable Rotary Table
Precision Inclineable Rotary Table
Specification Model No. Model No. Model No. Model No.
200-1913 200-1915 200-1917 200-1919
Diameter of table 160mm 250mm 320mm 400mm
Morse taper of the center hole MT2 MT3 MT4
Diameter of the center hole 25x6mm 30x6mm 40x10mm
Width of T-slot 10mm 12mm 14mm
Modules of worm and worm gear 1.5 2 2.5 3.5
Width of the locating key 12mm 14mm 18mm
Adjacent angle of T-slot 90° 60°
Transmission ratio of the worm gear 1:90
Graduation of the table 360°
Tilting angle 0-90°
Readout of the handwheel 1'
Minimum value of vernier 10"
Minimum reading of the tilting vernier 2'
Indexing accuracy 80" 60"
Max. bearing (Hon.) 100kgs 200kgs 250kgs 300kgs
Max. bearing (Ver.) 50kgs 100kgs 125kgs 150kgs
A 255mm 310mm 380mm 500mm
B 172mm 252mm 322mm 400mm
C 168mm 235mm 252mm 306mm
D 160mm 250mm 320mm 400mm
E 11mm 14mm 16mm 16mm
F 138mm 199mm 241mm 295mm
H 100mm 140mm 175mm 217mm
L 160mm 205mm 255mm 320mm
P 40mm 40mm 40mm 50mm
d 25mm 30mm 40mm 40mm


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