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Index Fixtures Simple Type

Solid meehanite casting, specially design.
Hardened and ground 24 position master plate.
Precision ground steel spindle.
Heavy duty shoe type spindle brade ensuring maximum rigidity for milling cuts.
360 degree graduation ring.
The center through hole is big to be suitable for the large and long workpiece.
Used the key guide block, the center can be correctedboth quickly and accurately.
Horizontal and vertical mounting positings.

Index Fixtures Simple Type
Index Fixtures Simple Type
Outer Dia. Thru Hole Dia. Inner Jaw Outer Jaw Guide Block Turret Hole Dia. A B C D a b h Model No.
160mm 40mm 3-55mm 55-145mm 16mm 50mm 255mm 225mm 152mm 160mm 190mm 115mm 130mm 200-2005
6.3" 1.57" 0.12-2.17" 2.17-5.71" 0.63" 1.97" 10.04" 8.86" 5.98" 6.3" 7.48" 4.53" 5.12"
200mm 65mm 4-85mm 65-200mm 16mm 63mm 320mm 272mm 174mm 200mm 230mm 154mm 154mm 200-2007
7.87" 2.56" 0.16-3.35" 2.56-7.87" 0.63" 2.48" 12.60" 10.71" 6.85" 7.87" 9.06" 6.06" 6.06"


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Add: Room 2002, Building No. 1, 288 Ningixia Road, Qingdao 266071, China


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